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5 Sporting Activities You Never Thought You’d Try

Guess what? You don’t have to be an expert to climb rocks, fly through the air, or raft the rapids. Summer is the perfect time to bust out of your “same-ole, same-ole” fitness routine and try something new!


Rev up your fitness life this summer while on vacation. Vacation is a great time to try something new, because your brain is more relaxed and receptive to trying new things. Both of these qualities make your mind more conducive for learning.


Why not take up some sport-specific lessons on your next vacation? Here are five ideas to think about.


Tree-Climbing. Remember the lazy days of summer and climbing trees as a kid? Well, head over to the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia and scale a 100-foot oak! The Blue Ridge Tree Climbing Company offers a 2.5-hour guided expedition. Your arms and legs will get a workout, while your mind soaks up the beauty of nature from atop the canopy.


Day Hikes. If scaling 100-foot trees isn’t your thing, how about a more subtle climb? Day hikes are filled with lots of fun and adventure. You’ll scale rocks, jump over logs, and maybe even cross a babbling brook. Most of our regular fitness involves one-directional paths, but hikes ensure you are moving your body on a wider variety of angles–which means you activate more of the smaller muscles.


Aerial Adventures. We can thank popular shows like American Ninja Warrior for the advent of aerial adventure courses. In Northern Arizona, you can visit the Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course and spend three hours swinging from ropes, crossing moving bridges, and climbing nets suspended from above. It’s a fun, active day that will push you outside of your normal comfort zone and fitness routine.


Snorkeling. When most people think of watersports, they think of activities like whitewater rafting and kayaking and paddleboarding. But did you know that snorkling allows for a great cardio workout which is super-easy on your muscles? While swimming around and looking at sea turtles and stingrays, you can also work on increasing your lung capacity–which will help you perform better in any fitness activity.


City Cycling. There’s nothing quite like exploring a new city via bike. Almost every major city has bicycles you can rent for a few hours or for the day. Cycling the city allows you to see more of it, and you can stop whenever you’d like to check out something of interest. Cycle the iconic Brooklyn Bridge or check out the new 62-mile Bicycle Highway in Germany.


There are so many options when it comes to leading a physically-fit lifestyle. Bust out of your standard routine and try something new this summer!

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