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7 Last Minute Pre-Marathon Tips

With the NYC Marathon just 10 days away, you’ve most likely spent the past 20+ weeks preparing your mind and body for the 26.2 mile challenge that awaits you. These last few days are crucial to your overall success of the marathon.


We’ve gathered 7 last minute tips to help you in the final week.


7 Last Minute Pre-Marathon Tips


  1. Rest as much as possible. Build time in your schedule to relax and sleep. Stay off your feet and conserve your energy. If you have nervous energy and are having trouble sleeping, take a hot bath with Epsom salt and keep your body as calm as possible.


  1. Don’t try anything unusual in your routine–new foods included! Do your best to keep your daily routine as it has been. Now is not the time to try anything new–new pillow, new bed, or a new relationship! And, whatever you do, don’t try any new foods. Keep your diet consistent with what you have been eating during training. An adventurous spirit is great, but trying sushi for the first time a few days before your big race–not wise!


  1. Jog easy. Enjoy a light 2-3 mile run the days before the race. Just be extra mindful that you don’t step into a pothole or step off the curb at the wrong angle or speed. Stay present. Breathe. Envision yourself running on the course and finishing strong.


  1. Smile–and–make an oath to yourself. Do you know that people who smile and laugh are more relaxed? They also keep their nerves under control. So smile– a lot! Watch some comedy, or hang with a funny friend. There are many things you can’t control on race day–but smiling–and making a positive oath with yourself are two that you can! Reassure yourself leading up to the race that you will do your best on race day. (Because you will, right?) Don’t focus on a new PR or the “what ifs”. Keep smiling and keep it positive.


  1. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. You will know if you are properly hydrated if your urine is pale yellow. You can also add a sports drink a day for extra electrolytes. Whatever you do, don’t drink excessive caffeine or any alcohol. Both of these substances cause dehydration.


  1. Trim your toenails. The last you thing you want during the race is bloody, swollen toenails. Trim your toenails a couple of days before the race. Make sure that your nail is not hitting the front of your shoe while running.


  1. Get your race day clothing and gear ready. Lay out all your gear (and your breakfast) the night prior to the race. Some essentials include:

  • race day bib, timing chip, safety pins

  • running clothes, shoes, socks

  • wristwatch

  • race day fuels such as gels or snacks

  • hydration system

  • anti-chafing products

  • sunscreen


Follow these tips for last minute preparations for your upcoming marathon. Paspa Physical Therapy is wishing you a wonderful run on your big day!


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