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Paspa Physical Therapy is excited to announce that we now have the Alter- G anti-gravity treadmill. Our patients’ responses have been fantastic! 

The AlterG lets us reduce weight bearing loads up to 80% that can be adjusted in 1% increments.  Returning patients to full weight bearing can now be performed in a way that will accelerate recovery rates with controlled loading of their lower extremities.

The broad range of benefits this treadmill will provide is an exciting new element to our clinic. Gait training for post-operative and neurological patients, along with strength and conditioning for our older patients, are instances in which we are already seeing considerable patient progression and satisfaction with use.

Using cameras, the patient is able monitor themselves as they walk, thus making gait training much easier.

Once the patient has progressed to full weight bearing, we also utilize Dartfish gait analysis software for those planning to return to a higher level of physical activity.

Dartfish offers a frame by frame breakdown for movement analysis. It provides instant visual feedback for the patient and clinician to see exactly what the body is doing, enhancing the patient’s understanding of the relationship of biomechanics and their recovery process.  This also enables us to reinforce communication using video images with our patients and their referring providers.

If you have any questions about the AlterG Anti-Gravity treadmill or Dartfish, please give us a call at 212-967-5337. 


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