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Soothe Achy Joints and Muscles Naturally with Deep Blue Essential Oil

Pure essential oils are nature’s answer to chronic conditions that cause us discomfort. Today I’d like to talk about our Deep Blue Soothing Blend.


The Deep Blue essential oil blend is a powerful, natural relief for sore, tired, and achy joints and muscles. Two to three drops of this blend, applied topically to the area of discomfort, safely soothes achy muscles and joints.

What essential oils are in the Deep Blue Soothing Blend?


This blend of oils has been carefully selected and tested, ensuring that the chemical properties work together to produce sustained relief. The oils penetrate deep into the body’s tissues to not only provide you with cooling relief, but to reduce discomfort of worn down joints and muscles.


The oils in this blend include:

  • Wintergreen leaf

  • Camphor bark

  • Peppermint plant

  • Blue tansy flower

  • Blue chamomile flower

  • Helichrysum flower

  • Osmanthus flower

The combination of these oils produces an aroma of minty freshness. You can apply the oil directly to the skin, or you can dilute the oil by infusing it with a carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil.


Top 10 Benefits of Deep Blue Essential Oils Blend

There are many uses for this oil blend, but I’d like to share with you the top 10 ways that  Deep Blue essential oil is currently being used.

  1. Soothes sore muscles

  2. Improves circulation in the skin

  3. Stops joints from aching due to arthritis and joint injury

  4. Relieves bone pain

  5. Helps heal bruises

  6. Relieves back pain

  7. Aids as a treatment for bursitis

  8. Works as a treatment for fibromyalgia

  9. Works to help relieve whiplash

  10. Helps alleviate headache pain

If you are suffering from sore, achy, tired joints and muscles, I encourage you to give the Deep Blue essential oil blend a try. Please ask for a few drops at our front desk. We will be happy to talk to you a little bit more about how you could add this natural treatment  to your daily routine to provide you comfort and relief.

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