Hugo Verdi Fortin, DPT

Staff Physical Therapist

Hugo Verdi Fortin considers his profession more than a traditional 9-5 workday. He is committed to achieving his patients’ individual goals through teaching them to better understand their own bodies.. His therapy technique reinforces his core philosophy that a body that moves efficiently is the key to a long and healthy life.

Hugo is a proud alumnus of Columbia University, holding a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. He is well versed in current research for advanced orthopedics, management of foot and ankle injuries, sports rehabilitation, and temporomandibular dysfunction and integrative therapies.

He has practiced outpatient orthopedic physical therapy extensively in the greater New York metropolitan area and has found his home here at Paspa. Hugo brings a wide breadth of experience in treating a large spectrum of both chronic and acute injuries within a patient group of diverse age and occupation.

His professional career prior to physical therapy has included obtaining his CSCS and working as a wellness specialist for both private gyms and clinics in San Francisco. His time in San Francisco highlighted the need for both therapeutic and strengthening exercise.

Outside of work, Hugo’s passion for health and wellness translates to his individual life. He is a former NCAA Division 1 tennis player and a member of the USTA 5.0 Men’s Tennis League here in New York, with a tennis career stretching back to his childhood. Hugo competed both on a national and international tournament level. During his free time, he also enjoys playing both squash and basketball. His vacation time is frequently centered on hiking, kayaking, and enjoying local vegetarian cuisine.