Jason Maggard, PTA

Physical Therapy Assistant

Jason Maggard began his expansive career in Physical Therapy serving 4 years in the US Air Forces Physical Therapy Department beginning in 1995. Focusing on the care and support of training USAF fighter pilots, he began his training in a facility that rotated through acute care, in-patient post operative and out-patient orthopedic settings. He trained in an excellent program designed by the USAF to restore the function of fighter pilots with neck and back injuries created by gravitational forces during training. By the end of his enlistment, Jason was the clinic’s head of Education and Training in which he assisted orthopedic surgeons in developing protocols for training in injury prevention.

Returning to his home state of Florida, Jason had the unique opportunity to work with an occupational therapist to develop an innovative work hardening program designed to help patients return back to work after prolonged periods of time. The successful program was tailored for each patient based on the findings of detailed Functional Capacity Evaluations.

In 2005, Jason moved to the Miami area where he experienced a sports medicine setting in which patients came mainly from physicians of the Miami Dolphins and Florida Marlins. While working with patients ranging from the professional football and baseball player, to the olympic snowboarder, to the avid runner, he developed a strong sense for the goals of the athlete working to return to their sport.

Now in New York City, Jason is in love the the culture and energy of the city, as well as it’s people. Jason is currently working on his Doctorate degree and has truly found a home at Paspa Physical Therapy.