Stephanie Wang, DPT

Staff Physical Therapist

Stephanie Wang graduated magna cum laude from Northeastern University Physical Therapy Program in 2015.  She has completed her clinical affiliations in various locations including University of Washington Medical Center, New England Physical Therapy Plus, and Body Gears Physical Therapy (Chicago).  She was also working previously as a rehabilitation technician in Integrative Care Center at Hospital of Special Surgery and Tufts Medical Center. From her experiences, she was able to work with a wide- range of different patient populations including acute post-op orthopedic diagnoses, acute cardiac/pulmonary diagnoses, organ transplant recipients, geriatrics, athletes, and the regular working population.  Due to working at so many different types of clinics, she has been exposed to a wide range of physical therapy perspectives, styles, and techniques. She has developed a tremendous appreciation to the constantly changing and growing Physical Therapy field and is consistently going to continuing education courses to be updated on current research and practices.  She has even been involved with presenting in national conferences about her research on treadmill rehabilitation for patients with stroke.

Stephanie hopes to share her knowledge with every patient so everyone can gain a sense of control over their pain. She wishes to help every patient become successful at managing their diagnosis to reach their full physical potential.

Stephanie has always been very active growing up in New York City and played basketball, lacrosse, and golf.  Currently, she enjoys trying out any type of new physical challenge including weight-lifting, rock-climbing, hiking, and boxing.