Pamela Paspa, PT


Pamela Paspa graduated magna cum laude from New York University Physical Therapy Program in 1989.  She immediately went on to work at Mount Sinai Hospital, rotating through acute care, in-patient rehab and the out-patient orthopedic departments.  She soon realized that her passion was in orthopedics and for the next 10 years Pam worked in a private practices specializing in sports medicine and orthopedics.

In 1999, Pam opened her private practice.  With hard work and diligence, the practice has grown from a solo practice to five physical therapists, with Kristen Tomlinson being her first employee. Pam and her staff continually strive towards excellence in patient care and it is exemplified through patient satisfaction surveys and physician recommendations to the facility.

Pam has also had the wonderful opportunity to work with dancers and actors in numerous Broadway and Off-Broadway productions.  Although she no longer works directly in the theaters, she is often asked by the Actors Equity League to lecture to cast members on injury prevention when performing on inclined/raked stages.

Pam has taken numerous continuing education courses over the years and had gained expertise in treating all areas of the body.  She has completed many intensive work-shops and has specialist certifications for spine, hip and knee rehabilitation. Pam scope of knowledge also includes women’s health issues and the active aging adult.

Pam has had first-hand experience in the commitments to rehabilitation and recovery from injury.  She tore her ACL knee ligament skiing in 2013.  It was only as a patient, herself, did she truly understand the commitments needed for full recovery and return to sport.  She gained a new level of respect for her patients who were not only able to come to physical therapy appointments 2-3 times per week, do their home program, but also to keep up with work and family responsibilities.

Pam is an avid skier and runner. She also enjoys yoga and meditation, playing tennis, cycling and hiking.  She lives in downtown Manhattan with her husband and two children.  She understands the challenges of juggling a family and career, and is proud to be both physical therapist and a mom.