Paspa PT might just be the best physical therapy facility in New York City. I've been a patient "on and off" since 2003 for back/hip/spine problems. The only "off" time occurred when doctors sent me to their respective PT facilities--all sub-standard to those available at Paspa PT. Pam and her crew are a wonderful group of professionals. Over the years,I have been incredibly fortunate to not only work with Pam but also with each of the various PT aides--all who share Pam's nurturing philosophy. Mine are chronic problems, and no matter how I feel entering the facility, I know that I will feel stronger each time I depart.

Stephanie Joel

JUST CANT SAY ENOUGH! THANK YOU!! …For all the help and guidance you’ve given me over the past few months. Without you, I wouldn’t have made it to the start of the marathon, let alone the finish!

Henrietta A.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much for the love and care you lavished upon me. You are an incredible group of healers endowed with the positive touch! I am so grateful to have limped in there.

Chris S.

I want to thank you for assembling such a comfortable environment for rehabilitation. Your staff had gone above and beyond what one would expect. My experience here will always be remembered. I can’t thank you enough.

Jeff D.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING! You made physical therapy way more fun than it could have been because of all of you, I looked forward to getting my butt kicked on the floor mats and machines twice a week. After having to take two months off from running, I got back into it with more strength and speed than I had before my injury. My next stop: NYC Marathon. Many, many thanks!

Kristen B

Please accept my appreciation for you and your staff at Paspa Physical Therapy.  You, Kristen, Jason, Delon and everyone else were so professional yet caring.  I feel like you were instrumental in bringing me around from the hip surgery.  Thanks again for all the wonderful instruction, advice and concern.


Bill B.