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What Do We Do?

At Paspa Physical Therapy, we know it can be hard asking for help, but we are dedicated to helping our patients grab hold of their life again. Our patients experience a range of diagnoses and conditions both surgical and non-surgical from neck, back, and shoulder pain to sprains, arthroscopy recovery, rotator cuff injuries and more. Give us a call today to discuss your concerns with a physical therapist and let’s construct your personalized treatment plan.


The first step in creating a plan that works for you is a thorough evaluation. Physical Therapists are experts at movement evaluation, biomechanics, and alignment. We will look at posture, gait, balance, range of motion, and strength, and might also perform special tests to assess specific muscle groups as well as palpation. This information can give us clues as to why you are in pain and help zero in on the problem area.


Individualized exercise programs are prescribed to target specific muscle groups based on your diagnosis. The strengthening that you perform under the guidance of your physical therapist and the home program that you will receive is key in preventing re-injury and ensuring that you can go back to your sport pain free.

Video Analysis

Video analysis is used at Paspa to take a closer look, in slow motion, how a patient is moving. We can easily see altered movement patterns and establish a treatment plan. This is very popular with our running population to look at their gait pattern and to highlight deficiencies in technique.

Gym Membership / Aftercare Program

Paspa Physical Therapy offers an Aftercare Program to patients who are ready for discharge. This means that you would pay a monthly fee to continue using the facility and exercise equipment in a safe and familiar environment. Our staff is on hand to help out and your therapist is always available to answer any questions you may have.

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Education is one of the most important parts of physical therapy. Providing home exercise and stretching programs will help you understand exactly what’s happening in your body and why there is pain. As a result, you are able to take control of your recovery by adjusting your posture, ergonomics, and daily movement patterns.

We try our best to give a simple, yet comprehensive at-home program after the first visit. You will then know how to avoid aggravating your injury, avoid pain and build on your progress between visits. 

Here at Paspa Physical Therapy, we are experts in palpation and manual skills, assessing swelling, loss of muscle length and flexibility, poor muscle tone, and many other soft tissue problems with their hands. A “hands-on” approach can loosen a tight muscle, increase circulation, and improve joint mobility. 

Manual therapies such as soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, myofascial release, massage, and other release techniques may also be used to relieve tension and pain.

Other techniques may include, Kinesio Tape, McConnell Tape, running and sports evaluation using video analysis software, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, laser therapy, as well as the use of one of our special pieces of equipment, the AlterG Treadmill, aka the anti-gravity treadmill. 

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