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Paspa Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists located in New York, NY

We understand the need to coordinate with your busy home and work schedule, Paspa’s concierge service is designed to fit these needs. If YOU set up the time and location, WE will provide the skilled physical therapist. 

A full evaluation of your condition will be performed and a comprehensive plan of care will be outlined and reviewed. 

Our experienced therapists have expertise in orthopedics and sports medicine that will fit your needs with the appropriate treatment program.


During this Covid epidemic, we will ensure your safety by following the following guidelines:

  • Mask will be worn by both therapist and patient
  • Hand washing before and after treatment
  • Use of gloves 
  • Removal of shoes before entering the home or office
  • Temperatures will be taken prior to treatment

We would appreciate rescheduling the appointment if you are feeling ill or have fever.


What do I need for my visit?

  • Ample space for exercise
  • A mat if lying down is indicated
  • Comfortable clothes

Any equipment you have would be helpful but NOT necessary (we can provide supplies)

How long is the session?

  • 45 minutes

What is the cost?

  • Insurance may cover a portion of the fee but we recommend contacting the office to discuss coverage/payment options.

Book an Appointment

If you have any questions about the Concierge Service or would like to schedule an appointment please contact the office.

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