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Concierge Physical Therapist in NYC

Concierge therapy is a new payment method designed to make things more affordable for you.

Since insurance has a limited number of sessions, a concierge option is available.

This payment method gives you a more affordable option by making monthly payments.

Physical therapists also benefit from this model. They no longer need to cut corners to authorize treatment for health insurance company options.

A therapist can spend more time on fewer clients, making it possible to provide the highest quality of care.

Convenient Concierge Physical Therapy Services in Manhattan, NY

We understand how difficult home and work-life balance can be.

That’s why our team at Paspa Physical Therapy in Manhattan, NY has developed an in-home concierge physical therapy program designed to fit all your personal needs without wasting your precious time.


You will receive a complete physical health evaluation, allowing access to your comprehensive care plan after evaluation.

Our therapists have experience in orthopedics and sports medicine that will fit your needs with the appropriate services.

Book an appointment today to access counseling from our skilled providers.

In-Home Physical Therapy Covid Precautions

Please reschedule your appointment if you feel ill or have a fever. 

To keep you as healthy as possible, we will follow these safety guidelines:

  • Masks are provided for both therapist and patient
  • Frequent hand washing
  • Use of gloves 
  • Removal of shoes before entering the home or office
  • Temperatures will be taken before treatment
A man lifting weights at home with guidance of a physio therapist.

What Do I Need for My Visit with Paspa Physical Therapy?

You only need comfortable clothing and adequate space for your visit. In some situations, you may need a mat for sessions that involve laying down.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the equipment. Our therapists can provide equipment if needed.

How Long Are In-Home Physical Therapy Sessions?

In-home physical therapy sessions are 45 minutes long.

What Is the Cost of Concierge Services?

The cost depends greatly on the individualized person.

Some health care providers will only cover a portion of your sessions. That’s where concierge therapy services come into play.

Everyone needs something different. Concierge services are really in the best interest of the therapist and the client.

Unfortunately, we cannot list exact pricing as it is highly individualized. You can, however, get in contact with our practice to discuss your needs.

Why Is Paspa Physical Therapy Not a Typical Therapy Office?

We provide concierge services that allow you direct access to your therapist with same-day appointments by phone, email, or video chat.

You no longer need to deal with long, automated answering services! Upon your request, your therapist should contact you within 2 to 10 hours.

With traditional therapy, you could only see your therapist once a week. 

However, we offer in-home options by performing a physical therapy session right in your own home as often as may be needed.

A crowded therapy office and frustrating parking situations shouldn’t be the thing keeping you from getting physical and mental healthcare.

While we don’t offer mental health services, you might be surprised by the impact physical therapy has on your mental health as well.  

This approach will give you as a client a more flexible and inclusive service. 

Our skilled experts at Paspa Physical Therapy will work extensively with you, and you will have the full benefits of individual attention.

Call our office in Manhattan, NY today or book your appointment online to start benefitting from our in-home physical therapy concierge service.

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If you have any questions about the Concierge Service or would like to schedule an appointment please contact the office.

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