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Physical Therapy Gym Membership / Aftercare Program in NYC

Physical Therapy Gym located in New York, NY

Many of our patients want to continue exercising at Paspa PT after discharge. The transition to independent exercise and stretching becomes seamless by participating in our Aftercare Program. Patients continue their exercises in a familiar and safe environment. Our staff is on hand to assist with equipment set-up, and your therapist is available to answer questions.

Your circuit sheet is kept on file, and we can provide shorts and T-shirts, making the process of getting to the gym as easy as possible. Gym memberships are also available to outside clients. Please contact the front desk at 212-967-5337 or for more information, including rates and incentive programs.

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If you have any questions about the Gym Membership / Aftercare Program or would like to schedule an appointment please contact the office.

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