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The importance of exercise during times of stress and uncertainty

Your fitness routine is now more important than ever! Now is not the time to slack off on your workout routine. We are in the …

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Tendonitis Tendonitis is a fairly common problem that afflicts many people.  It is often caused by overuse, improper warmup, or poor body mechanics. It is important …

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Balance Problems Physical Therapy New York

What Causes Balance Problems

Are you losing your balance while walking?  Or you wobble slightly stepping off a curb, then down you go. In the second or two before …

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Physical Therapy Hamptons NY

We are in the Hamptons!

Paspa Physical Therapy is seeing patients in the Hamptons.  Pamela Paspa is now available for in-person private sessions.  She will come to your Hampton’s home …

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Back Pain Treatment New York

Live Life To The Strongest With A Healthy Back

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor or miss work. Most people have back pain at least once …

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Sitting Posture Two bad examples and one good

The Secret of Good Posture

Sit up straight, stop slouching, shoulders back! We’ve all heard these commands before. Are you sitting up straight right now? Once you bring your attention …

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