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The Importance of Exercise During Times of Stress and Uncertainty

Your fitness routine is now more important than ever!

Now is not the time to slack off on your workout routine. We are in the 3rd wave of the pandemic, restrictions are getting tighter and the uncertainty can weigh heavily on us. It’s more important than ever to try to maintain a regular exercise routine.

Exercise, besides being good for your body, can help to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression.

How can I get into a fitness routine without having to go to a gym?

You don’t need a gym to get regular exercise in. Plan for a daily power walk. Wear a Fitbit or similar device to track your heart rate, steps, and calorie expenditure. You can challenge yourself by walking more steps each week or by walking the same number of steps in a shorter period of time. If you have a bicycle, do the same. Go for a ride around Central Park, Hudson River Park, or East River Park. And if you don’t have a bike of your own, Citi Bike is a great option. You will be surprised how much you will enjoy going on that ride. I personally take Citi Bike to and from work every day and really look forward to it. It beats taking the subway and I get to work in the same or less time.

How about a jump rope? It’s simple and doesn’t take up any space. At first, you will find it very challenging but if you stick with it you will get a great workout for your upper and lower body in less than half the time. If that’s not your thing marching/jogging in place or jumping jacks will get the heart rate up.

Create an exercise routine using a mat and your body weight. Most core exercises don’t need any weight or machines – reverse marches, leg lowering, planks are all great core exercises. Squats, bridges, lunges, and deadlifts are great lower body exercises. Push-ups either on the wall or floor, chest pulls, bicep, and tricep exercises for the upper body. These are just a few simple ideas. For more ideas check out PaspaPT Instagram here.

What can I buy that’s simple and inexpensive to help create a home workout?

First and foremost a mat! It’s important to have a firm yet comfortable surface to lay on and it’s easily stored. A Bosu or Physioball are also nice to augment your exercise routine. For example, ball squat or planks on the Bosu ball. If you want to add resistance you can easily get some Theraband in different colors that correspond to increasing levels of resistance. 

What can I do during my workday to get some exercise in?

Stand up at your desk at least five times during the day and take 1-3 minute exercise breaks. Walk up and down the stairs. You might do squats standing at your desk or push-ups using the edge of your desk, jumping jacks, or simply march in place.

Your home fitness routine can be fun and tailored to your needs.

There are many resources on social media. Check out @paspapt on Instagram for exercise ideas and demonstrations.

If you have any questions you can contact us here.

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By: Pamela Paspa, PT

Physical therapist in Manhattan, NY.
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