Paspa Physical Therapy



Education – At Paspa, we feel that knowledge and understanding is the first building block to recovery; the more you understand your posture, diagnosis, and treatment plan the better you will be able to make necessary changes in your life and avoid continued injury to the affected body part.

Instruction in a home program – you may be given a few simple exercises, postural corrections, stretches or passive/active movements that will allow you to immediately take charge of your recovery (start the recovery process). Your home program is a crucial part of the rehab program and we encourage patients to diligently perform it as prescribed by your therapist.

Manual therapy – myofacial release, trigger point, connective tissue massage, acupressure, joint mobilizations, manual stretching, manual traction are a few of the techniques that may be used to treat the affected area.

Ultrasound  – is a common modality used at the clinic, it is a form of thermotherapy (heat treatment) that helps to heal painful conditions and repairs soft tissue damage. Ultrasound therapy uses high-frequency sound waves that can penetrate up to 2 inches into your skin. The heat from these waves stimulates the healing process, increases blood flow to your affected area and reduces swelling and inflammation.

Electrical stimulation – Electric therapy is another physical therapy modality which uses electrical stimulation to treat pain, muscle spasm, muscle strengthening, reduce swelling and promote tissue healing.  There are many different waveforms that have specificity to the treatment being rendered.

Laser –Laser therapy works because of how our body’s cells react to it. When lasers are applied to cells, it is called photo-biostimulation. Lasers transmit photons about 3 inches deep into the skin.( Mitochondria in the skin membranes absorb the laser’s red light, which causes an increase of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production. ) Increased ATP means healthier cells. Photo-biostimulation also initiates some cell functions that promote healing, collagen production, enzyme production and cell growth increase. With the collagen level increases, damaged cells become less prevalent, preventing scar tissue from forming.

There are many more treatment techniques and modalities that are used at Paspa PT, but the above list is an example of some of the more prevalent treatment options used at the initial session and in follow-up sessions.

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