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AlterG - Anti-Gravity Treadmill NYC

Athletes and the AlterG

The AlterG, or anti-gravity, treadmill is a groundbreaking training tool that allows for precise unweighting of an individual’s body weight. It is changing the way our athletic population trains, recovers from injury, and gets stronger. It is a conditioning tool that is used with both competitive and recreational athletes.

Because you decrease load by 1% increments to as low as 20% of an individual’s body weight, you can continue to train while recovering from an injury or you can progress training workouts without over-stressing muscles and joints. The athlete is able to build muscle, improve balance and coordination, challenge their cardiovascular endurance, and push to new levels of speed, efficiency, and performance.


Rehabilitation and the AlterG

More and more rehabilitation clinics are seeing the advantages of having the AlterG treadmill. Paspa PT is thrilled to have this treadmill, and we find new uses for it every day with our patient population. All ages are using it, and the diagnoses are varied. We have found it to be an integral tool not only for early mobility in post-surgical rehab, but also for gait training cerebellar/neurological disorders, balance dysfunction and strengthening. The AlterG will promote normal gait pattern and enhance proprioception and neuromuscular control, as well as improve balance and endurance. Patients recover more quickly, and with less pain and fewer setbacks.

Weight loss and the AlterG

The AlterG treadmill is not only instrumental in rehabilitating after injury, but also has revolutionized a patient’s ability to burn calories safely while reducing stress on lower body joints and muscles. Patients can exercise more intensively while unweighted and walk or even run without pain. Patients have the confidence to work out longer on the AlterG treadmill, therefore burning more calories. Our weight-loss patients are thrilled to be able to exercise pain-free and to feel as if they can “push” themselves more aerobically.

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