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Video Analysis for Physical Therapy

Paspa Physical Therapy uses advanced video analysis software to analyze a patient while playing their sport, running on the treadmill, swinging a golf club or simply walking.  In NYC we have thousands of runners who suffer from chronic injury or pain.  We use video analysis with our running population to analyze gait patterns, highlight technique deficiencies and establish a treatment plan.

Sports injury treatment New York City

Analyze movements, progress and outcomes 

This software offers us the ability to film, slow down, review and analyze movement at each joint of the body.

The visual feedback is immediate and allows patients to see exactly how their body is moving. Patients become more aware of their improper movement and can easily understand the corrective protocol outlined by their physical therapist. It also enhances their understanding of the relationship between normal vs. abnormal movement.

We can chart progress with before and after shots as well as superimpose clips or use side by side comparison. 

Provide Individualized Protocols

Your physical therapist can easily show you the altered movement patterns and make postural corrections, give customized exercises and stretches so that change becomes permanent and re-injury is avoided.

Progress can be tracked over time to increase the effectiveness of your rehab and recovery. 

Motion Analysis Can be Used in the Following Areas

  • Functional movement evaluation
  • Gait analysis
  • Athletic assessment for heightened performance
  • Sport and injury prevention
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation

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