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Blood flow restriction therapy, also known as BFR, is a specialized training method that merges blood flow restriction training with low load resistance training to induce muscle hypertrophy.

BFR allows one to train at a higher intensity while aiming to produce more strength gains using lighter loads or bodyweight alone.


What is BFR?

BFR therapy is an efficient form of training that our trained professionals often use at Paspa Physical Therapy to help with the muscle strengthening process of your body.

  • Are you looking for a new way to get your body’s growth hormone activated without heavy weight training?
  • Would you like to achieve muscle growth while lifting lighter loads?
  • Are you looking for an effective form of training with less muscle recovery time?
  • Are you recovering from surgery and unable to do heavy resistant training?

Then our personalized blood flow restriction training program might be just what you need to add to your regular fitness routine. So give us a call at Paspa Physical Therapy located in New York, NY, to schedule an appointment with us for your first training session.

How does BFR work?

BFR works by placing an inflated cuff (similar to a blood pressure cuff) with a small handheld pump attached over the body’s extremity to slow blood flow to specific muscles. The external pressure applied to your blood vessels during BFR allows arterial blood flow while limiting venous blood flow, putting more force on the targeted muscles without putting out as much energy during exercise. 

BFR therapy creates a hypoxic environment for the body which means that the body expends more energy to make up for the lack of oxygen caused by the restricted venous outflow. The metabolic stress and mechanical tension that is produced during BFR can produce similar results to those created when you lift heavy weights, except you will be using light weights instead.

Is BFR right for you?

You may wonder if BFR is right for you. BFR is often used in outpatient physical therapy clinics and sports medicine. This can benefit different types of people. BFR can help with the following listed below.

  • Joint pain management
  • Postoperative patients
  • Poor muscle strength
  • Athletes looking to increase muscle endurance
  • Support for musculoskeletal injuries
  • Older people looking to increase their muscle mass
  • Treating those returning to sports post-hiatus
  • Muscle atrophy

What can you expect during BFR training?

During BFR training, you can expect a detailed consultation with one of our physical therapists to ensure a safe process with your blood flow restriction rehabilitation. The following listed below are the steps taken in a training session.

  • You will have a discussion of your medical history during the consultation.
  • Your physical therapist will have a cuff inflated around your arms and legs.
  • Your limb occlusion pressure will be measured while performing blood flow restricted exercise.
  • A personalized blood flow restriction training program can then be created.

Is BFR safe for you?

Our professional staff makes sure to take all the necessary steps to ensure BFR is safe for you. There are, however, some conditions that can make BFR unsafe. Therefore, we advise you to avoid BFR if you have the following conditions listed below.

  • Poor circulation due to some cardiovascular disease
  • A blood clot problem
  • Cancer
  • High blood pressure
  • Lymphedema
  • An active infection

Does BFR therapy work?

Yes. According to the evidence that has been found in the latest research, BFR can help patients who suffer from long-term pain build more muscle safely. In addition, BFR is also known to amplify your athletic training and improve your all-around fitness performance.

Where to get BFR therapy?

Our center at Paspa Physical Therapy provides personalized BFR therapy for patients of all types. We have a full gym and private treatment rooms at our facility to provide you with quality services, including Kinesio taping and running analysis. Book an appointment with us for your first training session.

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