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Manual Therapy in New York

Manual therapy is a form of physical therapy that relies solely on hands-on therapeutic techniques with no machines or other accessories.

A great place for you to experience manual therapy is Paspa Physical Therapy, located in Manhattan, NY. 

We are a highly recognized PT practice specializing in orthopedics and sports.

Man laying on a treatment bed with a physical therapist's hands on patient's back doing manual therapy.

In this article, we have everything you need to know about manual therapy and how Paspa can help you and your body feel better.

How Does Manual Therapy Work?

Manual therapy is a type of physical therapy in which the physical therapist uses their hands to put pressure on your muscles and joints to relieve pain and help improve mobility.

Manual therapy is not as common as traditional physical therapy techniques because there are not as many therapists who have the training.

But, if you can find a physical therapist who you like and has training in manual therapy, like those at Paspa Physical Therapy, you will find that it can help you in quite a few ways.

How Can Manual Therapy Help You?

Manual therapy is most commonly used to relieve chronic back pain and many other musculoskeletal conditions.

Physical therapist with hands on a patient's leg while doing manual physical therapy.

Physical therapists will massage your muscles, specifically the soft tissues, to help them relax, increase blood circulation, and address soft tissue restrictions.

Focus on the muscles in the back instead of exercises, like in traditional physical therapy (which is also very important), can provide relief to your back pain.

It can also help decrease the possibility of future pain or at least make dealing with future pain more manageable.

This therapy is also helpful for joint mobilization. If your joints are limited in their movement, it can cause pain when you try to move your body.

Manual therapy will help manipulate your joints. Over time, the manipulation can provide relief, and your joints will not cause you as much pain.

During manual therapy sessions, your therapist will use manipulation techniques to slowly stretch the joints and the muscles to improve how your body moves and increase your range of motion.

What Manual Therapy Techniques Can Reduce Chronic Pain and Heal Injuries?

Physical therapists who have manual training have multiple ways and techniques to help you reduce chronic pain and heal injuries.

These techniques take a hands-on approach, and your physical therapist will decide which method is best for you.

These manual therapy techniques can reduce chronic pain and heal injuries:

These are some of the most common manual therapy techniques, but there are others that can relieve tension and reduce pain.

Physical therapist conducting manual therapy on a patient's arm and joints.

Who Can Benefit from Manual Therapy Techniques?

Manual therapy can help people of all ages.

If you are younger, you can benefit from manual therapy treatment to help improve your motion, health, and body to support you for a long time to come.

If you have an injury, are older, or are experiencing chronic pain, manual therapy can help provide relief until the injury heals. 

Depending on your body’s pain or injury, your therapist can help you improve your condition and do it as quickly as possible without rushing the healing process.

You may even choose to continue your therapy after you heal or after the pain subsides, which could help prevent future injuries and pain.

No matter which category you fall into, the best choice for manual therapy in NYC is Paspa Physical Therapy in Manhattan.

Our 7,000-square-foot facility has a full gym, private treatment rooms, locker rooms, and a comfortable atmosphere.


Manual therapy has a lot of benefits in treating orthopedic conditions, like chronic back pain, increasing joint mobilization, and helping improve flexibility.

You may also feel a significant difference in your life, especially if you go to a top PT facility like Paspa.

If you have more questions about manual therapy and how it can help you or are ready to set up an appointment, reach out to Paspa Physical Therapy at 212-967-5337.

Our office is at 131 W. 35th St., 12th Fl. (between 7th Avenue and Broadway), New York, NY 10001, and are open Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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